VetRx Veterinary Poultry aid

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To help keep birds healthy– sprinkle a few drops of VetRx in litter every four or five days. Add a few drops to drinking water every time you change Rub one or two drops of warm full strength VetRx under wings.  This will not only help birds when they put their heads under their wings, but their body heat will send aromatic vapours throughout the coop benefitting all birds.


For show birds– to keep birds healthy while travelling to and from shows place a few drops of warm VetRx under their wings. It does not stain nor harm feathers, wings or color. Rubbing VetRx on legs brings out the true colour and keeps legs healthy and clean.  When birds return from shows, keep them separated from the flock for one week. Wash feet and heads with warm solution and rub warm VetRx from the bottle on feet, heads and under the wings.


Use on all varieties of poultry including Bantams, Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys, Geese and Game Birds.

For the support of healthy upper respiratory function.


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Poultry aid 100% natural

VetRx Veterinary Poultry aid
25,00 $