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Welcome to Urban Chicken Coops

Urban Chicken Coops, founded in December 2015 by Louise Arbour, with the French legal name: Poules en Ville. Our first mission is to promote self-sufficiency by educating the population of Canada to the safe pleasures of keeping backyard chickens in urban areas. Urban Chicken Coops (Poules en Ville) works on several dimensions through training, conferences, webinars, a book on the subject, while providing products and services related to urban chickens and coops construction.
Urban Chicken Coops supports and accompanies citizens, cities and organizations in order to promote all aspects of laying hen care in urban areas in a safe and responsible manner. Another important mission of Urban Chicken Coops is to assist, accompany and support citizens on a voluntary basis in legalizing and supervising the keeping of chickens in their cities. In this regard, it has set up numerous Facebook groups to facilitate citizen collaboration. Chickens are part of the mosaic of sustainable development and promotes the return to a better management of our food independence, our nutrition at home and locally.

Disclaimer: The content of the webinars, website, blog and all social media is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace professional veterinary advice, diagnosis or treatment. All information on the Poules en Ville (Urban chicken Coops) website and social media sites is entirely for informational purposes.

All photos and images on the site are the property of Poules en Ville and you must request the rights and always identify the source credit to Poules en Ville for the use of all photos, texts, graphics etc.

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The book "Des poules dans ma cour"

Published by ÉCOSOCIÉTÉ. Available in all good bookstores!

Note* abroad participants will see applicable rates apply.

Caroline Tremblay
Caroline Tremblay
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Such a good book! Bravo for all the reasearch! 🙂
Nancy Studer
Nancy Studer
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Like me, you've had chickens for a few years and you think that online training or books are not for you? Think again! You quickly realize the quality of the information and how much research has been done in order to be able to create such complete tools. It's never too late to learn and modify, even a little, our practices in order to offer even better to our chickens. Don't like to read? Give yourself the gift of online training, or you'll love the book that reads itself!Congratulations! For me, you are THE reference person!
Mylène Ferron
Mylène Ferron
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I took the online training (webinar) offered by Urban Chicken Coops because I had the idea of building an urban chicken coop this summer. I didn't know anything about chickens or coops, and the information I found online was often contradictory. Until I found the Urban Chicken Coops website! The training offered is complete (very) and Ms. Arbour transmits her knowledge in a simple and understandable way for everyone. I highly recommend her!
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