The 10 most common mistakes new chicken keepers do

1. Buy hens from unknown sources, disease-carrying, unvaccinated, old, or from dishonest people. Have failed to carry out a preventive quarantine or have made a good observation of the plumage and overall health of the hens. 
  1. Not having chosen the right species resistant to the cold of our climate.


  1. Underestimating predators and not having designed a safe enough henhouse! Think about automatic doors with timers!  Available at Poules en Ville online store.
  2. Considering that you have adult chickens among the 43 cold-resistant species, some will overheat or over-insulate a chicken house, or keep the chickens indoors in winter or not enough ventilation.
  3. Put too many chickens in a poultry house or pen that is too small and without shade. Or having only 2 chickens makes them very vulnerable and poses several behavioural problems. Having an uncovered aviary that makes the ground wet and does not protect against weather or pathogens from wild birds.
    1. Place the hens in an enclosed, poorly ventilated coop with no natural daylight.
    1. Do not have a first-aid kit or a voting booth ready in your pharmacy.
    2. Not knowing the biosafety rules.
    3. Not having the prior knowledge to introduce new chickens into an already established flock.
    4. Not having properly checked municipal by-laws, not having consulted your councillors and planners to frame and legislate the practice. Not having invited these people to meet with you beforehand and not having put in place a strategic plan to move the issue forward.

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The book "Des poules dans ma cour"

Published by ÉCOSOCIÉTÉ. Available in all good bookstores!

Note* abroad participants will see applicable rates apply.

Caroline Tremblay
Caroline Tremblay
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Such a good book! Bravo for all the reasearch! 🙂
Nancy Studer
Nancy Studer
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Like me, you've had chickens for a few years and you think that online training or books are not for you? Think again! You quickly realize the quality of the information and how much research has been done in order to be able to create such complete tools. It's never too late to learn and modify, even a little, our practices in order to offer even better to our chickens. Don't like to read? Give yourself the gift of online training, or you'll love the book that reads itself!Congratulations! For me, you are THE reference person!
Mylène Ferron
Mylène Ferron
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I took the online training (webinar) offered by Urban Chicken Coops because I had the idea of building an urban chicken coop this summer. I didn't know anything about chickens or coops, and the information I found online was often contradictory. Until I found the Urban Chicken Coops website! The training offered is complete (very) and Ms. Arbour transmits her knowledge in a simple and understandable way for everyone. I highly recommend her!
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